Infographics: The Nonprofit’s Secret Weapon

In case you weren’t already aware: Infographics are everywhere. In just two years, searches for infographics have increased over 800%. What you may not know is that a number of nonprofits are reaping incredible benefits from using them to inspire action.

New data from Production Solutions that features some of our work was featured on The Agitator. An infographic we created for African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) was used as a shining example of the power of infographics in nonprofit marketing and fundraising. The successful infographic was used in a campaign designed to raise awareness about rhino poaching and increased AWF’s response rate over 893% and donations over 252%.

Rather than giving the facts and figures of rhino poaching in a simple write-up, an infographic presents the information in a way that’s easily digestible and entertaining to the average web visitor. As graphics, they are also extremely easy to share on social media channels, providing a way to spread a cause quickly. For nonprofits, infographics are great for illustrating complex problems, progress, the distribution of funds and resources, and additional fundraising needs.

In addition to our infographic for AWF, the first graphic featured is one created by amfAR that in a glance communicates the severity of the AIDS epidemic. We’re very pleased to be working on our next infographic for amfAR at the moment, which you should definitely stay tuned for in a future update.

View Production Solutions’s infographic below: