3 Roads off the Beaten Path

Recently, we launched one of our most exciting projects yet: an informative microsite for amfAR about cure-focused HIV/AIDS research called 3 Roads off the Beaten Path.

Spearheaded by Sanky's Associate Creative Director Regina Weick, the site explores the stories and science behind the three current paths to a cure for HIV, how these could one day lead to a universal cure, and amfAR's role in this mission.

In the form of an interactive infographic, the site is designed around the metaphorical concept of a "roadmap" for HIV/AIDS research. To demonstrate movement down the "3 roads," our talented tech team created a custom animated library.


In fact, we were way ahead of our time— utilizing a variety of techniques from The Next Web's article, "10 Web Design Trends You Can Expect in 2014!"

  • Fun, stylized typography: More websites are adding personality to their design by using unique fonts.

  • Large hero areas: We're now seeing large hero areas replace sliders as an intro. to web visitors.

  • Basic color scheme: Websites are looking a lot less colorful lately, often using only one or two colors with a neutral background. This creates a clean, sleek, modern look.

  • Short chunks of content: Using bite-sized clusters of simplified information is now the way to go, especially for a highly visual infographic format.

  • No sidebar: On certain types of websites, sidebars are disappearing in favor of more responsive-friendly designs.

What's the goal of this infographic and all the above "trends" it demonstrates?

To sum it up, the more educated visitors are about a cause, the more likely they are to share and/or donate. Web visitors don't stick around long, so they're not going to read a long, dense article.

3 Roads off the Beaten Path makes learning about the possibility of an HIV/AIDS cure engaging, quick, and visually eye-catching. Best of all, at the very end, visitors are presented with the option to share, subscribe to the amfAR newsletter, and/or donate— thus both informing and raising vital money for research. So far, it's proven to be quite effective!