Crowdrising Toward a Cure for Ebola

Ebola TSRI scientist Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire, who is leading the worldwide effort to defeat Ebola.

The search for treatments and cures for Ebola is a search that cannot wait.

Nobody knows that better than Dr. Erica Ollman Saphire, a scientist from The Scripps Research Institute who is leading the international effort to find more effective treatments and, eventually, a vaccine for Ebola. This deadly virus has already claimed thousands of lives, and with infections doubling every three weeks, there’s no time to waste.

Dr. Saphire—along with researchers from 25 laboratories across seven countries—is trying to find the perfect combination of antibodies to defeat Ebola.

However, despite her team’s best efforts, one thing continues to hold them back: their equipment cannot keep up with the number of samples coming in that need to be processed. And though Dr. Saphire receives federal grant money, it’s not enough for the new equipment, which costs $100,000.

To meet this funding gap, Dr. Saphire and The Scripps Research Institute turned to Sanky for help.

Recognizing that time was of the essence, our team quickly put together a campaign on Crowdrise to raise money for the new equipment and support Dr. Saphire’s pivotal research. It wasn’t long before the campaign took off.

Dr. Saphire’s Crowdrise page has already attracted the attention of mainstream news outlets such as the L.A. Times and Reuters, as well as Philanthropy Today and Crowdfund Insider.

We are extremely honored to work with The Scripps Research Institute and Dr. Saphire in their quest to find a cure for Ebola. We will continue to promote the Crowdrise campaign on social media and the Scripps website until Dr. Saphire’s $100,000 goal is met.