Thank You Sanky!

Sometimes you get lucky. You’re given a spectacularly sunny and crisp day, you find a great place to live or you meet a wonderful friend. I got lucky and landed an internship at Sanky Communications almost a year ago.

I came here after a hiatus from work while I was raising my children. As I embarked on an internship with the Sanky tech team, my aim was to transform my interest in programming into a set of working skills. It’s been an enormous learning and working experience on so many levels — working side-by-side with exceptional people in a forward thinking and very focused organization, and with lessons and support from fantastic mentors. (A shout out to Piotr, Technology Director, and Clay, Assistant Technology Director, for their incredible guidance and support!)

What sets Sanky apart even more is the way in which our work helps our clients make the world a better place. It is a special feeling knowing my assignments all support great causes. And during the week of Giving Tuesday last year, it was amazing to see the outcome of that hard work as our clients’ many fundraising campaigns launched for the year-end season. In the course of a day, I often discover the various honors, award plaques, or other evidence of greatness that Sanky Communications holds in fundraising throughout the office, but it was an entirely different experience to see that success and excitement firsthand on Giving Tuesday.

Speaking of witnessing greatness firsthand, when the tech team gets together for meetings, I am blown away at the expertise of my colleagues. And they are all super professional, sharing and very likable people, too. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by them!

You see, gratitude is expressed here in many ways — most importantly with kind words and a congenial, professional atmosphere. It’s clear that the intention here is to maintain a workplace culture with respect for all. Everyone is very motivated and working hard, but some also find the time to be generous and bring in delicious baked goods to share with the rest of us. A couple of months ago there was even a bake off, which unfortunately, I missed. But I heard it was a scrumptious success. And during our busy season, management was especially generous in providing yummy lunches and opportunities to celebrate our long hours together.

By now, I have gained my bearings and my path is a lot clearer. I have some pretty cool tools in my box. Plus, I have found a great group of people that take their work and the wellbeing of the world seriously — but do not take themselves too seriously. 

So, thank you, Sanky!!!

Mona Le Roy


Mona Le Roy

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