Analytics, Data & Insights

Numbers matter! We do the math so you don’t have to.

At Sanky, we’re dedicated to not just being on the cutting edge, but a step ahead of it. We use a number of different platforms in order to take Big Data and use it to your advantage through tools such as cloud storage, data visualization and a comprehensive analytics suite.

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    Analytics Audit

    We perform a thorough audit of your analytics and tag management system. We map your site and goals to key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing and fundraising. What works? What doesn’t? The answers lie in the data, and we can create a clear picture for you.

  • Google Analytics

    By implementing Google Analytics, you can take your fundraising to the next level. You'll get reporting and data in real time, letting you know month by month, week by week, day by day the important trends that mean the difference between stagnation and growth. We use custom UTM parameters in order to capture the most accurate data from all campaigns and bring you key insights that you may have otherwise missed.

  • Assisted Conversions

    To assess the effectiveness of each channel and each investment, we set up Google Analytics conversion tracking to view assisted conversions. We want to know not only where gifts should be directly attributed but also what other communications mechanisms may have furthered that constituent relationship to ultimately drive the donation.

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    Tag Management

    Utilizing Google Tag Manager – or another enterprise tag management system – we can work with you to deploy all your analytics, conversion tracking and re-marketing tags.

  • Reporting

    We provide detailed reporting to identify patterns in data and help focus budgets where they will have the most impact. Detailed online and offline reports analyze all metrics of your fundraising campaigns. In addition to these metrics, we include appendices that gather and analyze data from web, search and social platforms so we can offer key insights that help create new strategies and maintain sustained success.

  • eCRM Consulting & Migration

    We work to ensure a smooth and successful migration to your new eCRM system. The Sanky team is well versed in proper data exports, structuring data to fit your reporting goals, setting up any system integrations, database setup and imports. Additionally, we review, vet and work in most platforms marketed specifically to nonprofit organizations. Once data is migrated, we'll work to get you fully operational within the platform including email whitelisting, ensuring maximum deliverability, setting up automated programs, running reports and even providing training for you and your team.