Direct Mail Fundraising

It’s not dead! Not only is direct mail very much alive, it remains a critical part of most retail and nonprofit direct response programs.

Before you even ask, yes, Millennials read their mail. Studies show direct mail still cuts through the noise and conveys meaningful messages to all demographics. And even when donors donate online, direct mail has proven to be an important part of their decision to give. We’ve got 40+ years of experience waiting to optimize your direct mail program.

  • Donor Acquisition

    Are you paying good money for bad donors? Our approach targets higher quality donors who are more likely to renew, engage and upgrade.

  • Donor Renewal

    Using the best retention techniques, we’re proud to report that our clients routinely see retention rates well above industry norms.

  • Membership Programs

    Membership can boost retention rates if you plan well. Our membership programs build loyalty and even generate extra gifts!

  • Upgrading

    Our tested upgrade techniques nudge donors to unlock their giving potential. And our strategic planned giving techniques help land the really big fish.

  • Stewardship

    Our stewardship campaigns and acknowledgment programs use strategic updates and other techniques to keep the donor love flowing.