Social Media

If a tree falls and no one tweets about it, did it make a sound?

Here at Sanky, we recognize social media as an increasingly important marketing tool. We’ll help you leverage this channel with tried and true methods.

  • Fanbuilding

    We run targeted campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase your fan base with the ideal donor demographic. By helping you maintain a constant media presence, we ensure you see an increase in prospect-to-donor conversions.

  • Fundraising

    When used wisely, paid social media is a key tool in increasing the rate of engagement between consumer and nonprofit, which inevitably leads to a notable increase in revenue.

  • Advocacy

    People are engaged with activism on social media more than ever. We’re making the most of that trend, crafting campaigns that leverage this engagement tool to generate positive awareness of your nonprofit and its causes.

  • Engagement & Cultivation

    We help create an engaging social presence for your nonprofit. With compelling content optimized for social platforms, we engage both your existing social followers and also establish new relationships with those who are more likely to Retweet, Like and share your content.