Upgrading Donors

All major donors begin their philanthropic journey somewhere. We find it’s often in the Annual Fund.

Direct response donors are kind of like snowballs. If you nudge them in the right direction, they may end up as something… well… major. Our years of segmentation, testing, results and research tell us that most donors are eager to learn and do more for your organization – if you just ask them in a meaningful way. We encourage donors at all levels to give more frequently, make slightly larger gifts and at special times of the year, stretch themselves to achieve a milestone.

  • Mid-Level Donor Strategy

    Sanky champions cost-effective tools for stewarding mid-level and bridge donors. With customized messaging and packages for this special audience, we can deliver a mass-approach to a personalized and high-touch relationship. Our strategists can also work with you to develop a plan for personal touchpoints to steward high-worth donors, including the best times and ways that staff can boost giving.

  • Mid-Leveling/Bridge Donor Societies

    Carefully cultivated, “bridge” or mid-level donors can move up the major gifts pipeline and may one day make a transformative gift. A mid-level giving society or affinity group can give donors giving three- four- or even five-figure gifts a feeling of inclusion, helping them cross the bridge to a major gift officer’s portfolio. Our experts will help you start or develop your giving club and can provide the branding, to boot.

  • Donor Upgrade Packages

    If a mid-level giving society isn’t right for your nonprofit, there are still many techniques that can be employed to move a donor up the pipeline. Our specialty direct mail packages and email campaigns can show a donor just how valued they are. Bonus: upgrade packages go hand in hand with special stewardship opportunities, giving you more opportunities to maximize your donor’s true potential.

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    Planned Giving

    You’ve heard the stories about enormous planned gifts coming from small annual fund donors. Having studied the phenomenon, our analysts know all the best ways for your annual fund to prompt bequests and other planned gifts. Many of our programs include a dedicated mailing devoted to sharing this type of information. Ask, and ye shall receive.