Help African Wildlife Foundation find Justice for Cecil

In case you have not heard, this July a trophy hunter tragically killed Zimbabwe’s beloved lion, Cecil. While Cecil lived in a protected national park where it is illegal to hunt, it did not stop guides from luring him out of this area to be shot.

The reality is that this incident does not stand alone. Illegal wildlife trafficking and poaching are major problems. Africa's total lion population has declined significantly over the past two decades, with less than 30,000 of these big cats remaining today. Outrage from the loss of Cecil has caused international action by the UN to help combat this crisis, but there is still much to be done.

So is there anything you can do?

We’re proud to join the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), the only conservation organization working on the ground in Africa to not only protect the rapidly declining lion population, but many other, more critically-endangered, species as well.

Do you want to save Africa and its wildlife?

Join your fellow wildlife lovers in the fight against poaching — make a donation to AWF’s crowdrise campaign, Justice for Cecil.




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