What a good year looks like

With 2016 hours away, you're probably spending today getting all those resolutions in order for the New Year... Sanky is too. But first, we're taking a moment to look back at some of the accomplishments we worked hard for in 2015. Curious? Check it out:

We’ve helped our clients spread goodwill and cheer this year by...

Supporting the halt of the ivory trade to save elephants

Providing support to IBD patients across the country

Finding homes for thousands of homeless pets

Commemorating 75 years of
fighting for civil rights & equality

Securing safe bedding for countless homeless kids

Nourishing homebound
elderly across New York

Defending women’s

Bringing clean water & medical
care to communities worldwide

Strengthening Native
American heritage

Protecting rainforests & fighting climate change in a new partnership

Providing meals to kids facing
hunger across the nation

Finding better treatments for devastating diseases

And much more!

...which makes us feel pretty good too! Here’s to another year of making our world better.




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