For-profit solutions in your nonprofit world

In many ways, nonprofits have the same needs and face the same challenges large corporations do when it comes to marketing. A big one is the need for robust email marketing tools. At IBM’s 2015 Amplify conference, we were excited to see the major strides being made in this area that can so easily translate to nonprofits.

“In order for marketers to succeed in today’s buyer-driven world, they must think on the customer’s terms,” said Deepak Advani, GM at IBM, kicking off the conference. This was the message resonating throughout the entire Amplify conference. It’s time to start embracing new technologies that offer better two-way engagements driven by the customer or, in your case, the donor.

It’s easy to forget that nonprofits are not limited to industry-specific solutions. By leveraging for-profit solutions, your nonprofit can better deliver meaningful and relevant customer experiences. At Sanky, for example, we utilize Silverpop’s marketing email platform, which easily and efficiently automates personalized messaging programs at scale. For-profit brands are capitalizing on software like this, and there’s no reason your nonprofit shouldn’t consider them as well.

At the Amplify conference and beyond, we see that the trend for better two-way interactions in marketing continues as new technology emerges. Which is why there couldn’t be a better time to be in the nonprofit industry.

Michelle Defaz


Michelle Defaz