My volunteer story: New York Center for Children

At Sanky, we try to help make the world a little better in our work time and our spare time. In that spirit, we are spotlighting some of our staff’s volunteer stories. We know times feel a little uncertain right now, but we hope this might inspire you to get out there and do some good!

Here’s our Data & Analytics Manager, Kevin Yu, on his experience with The New York Center for Children:

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) is one of those places where, once you see the work they are doing, your heart begins to thaw. As part of my university’s curriculum, I was to become involved in the community and volunteer. How did I end up volunteering for a place that provides free therapy for abused children you may ask? Parts of it has to do with the film Mysterious Skin and the other involves a bit of empathy/outrage where I can’t stand people being hurt when they are in no position to defend themselves.

I’ve been volunteering with The New York Center for Children for about 5 years now and it really is a wonderful organization. The NYCC provides both therapy and tutoring. Aside from the wonderful staff, the absolute best part about this organization is that we get to see kids just be kids. Coming into the organization, I know that these children have been through horrific abuse (physical, sexual and/or mental).

I can’t really describe the feeling when I see withdrawn children who, over the course of many sessions, start to smile and become a lot more talkative. When I see new people coming into the center, I’d like to let them know that the reason they are there is because it comes from a place of love. I understand that the real reason is that these children have been abused, but the fact that they make it through the doors to The New York Center for Children means that people in their lives want to help them recover. I’ve had a few good chats with caretakers. They make a commitment themselves in bringing in their child to the center. They bring them every week and stay in the waiting area until their child is done with their session.

Knowing all of this, giving a little of my own time to help these children on their journey — even in just a small way — seems like the least I can do.

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Kevin Yu


Kevin Yu

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