Sanky/AWF Case Study

Since 2012, Sanky has partnered with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to grow their integrated membership program. In 2015, AWF decided their current all-in-one eCRM platform was holding them back and engaged Sanky to evaluate and lead a conversion to a new digital solution.

After a thorough audit of AWF’s needs and extensive research into available solutions, Sanky recommended a best-of-breed system powered by Jackson River's Springboard. The product works in tandem with a Salesforce CRM and IBM Watson Campaign Automation for email deployments and offered highly customizable and dynamic donation forms. We put the new product to work immediately rolling out a highly successful advocacy program and, later, used it to launch peer-to-peer giving. 

The powerful new suite of products enables AWF to be more donor centric, deploying behaviorally-targeted emails, dynamic ask strings, cart abandonment messages, advocacy efforts aimed at a donor's elected officials, and personal fundraising pages. The clean integration between all three platforms ensures the wealth of data that Springboard collects is easily accessible for reporting and targeting, allowing for more data-driven decisions.

Unhampered by the technological limitations that so many eCRMs present, Sanky's creative team has remarkable freedom to think outside the box. Dozens of nonprofit systems require various workarounds to achieve the end goal, but Springboard’s platform is proving to be the most flexible—enabling our team to create truly user-focused experiences that cater to each campaign’s particular goal.

As we worked to accelerate AWF’s program, the switch to Springboard proved to be especially useful. For instance, AWF’s 137% growth in sustainer giving, with annual sustainer revenue exceeding $500,000, was uniquely supported by Springboard’s flexibility, clean integration and impressive technological capability.

The African Wildlife Foundation and Sanky have also won five Internet Advertising Awards for their stellar campaigns — including Best Nonprofit Email Message, Outstanding Social Media Campaign, and Best Integrated Ad Campaign — all powered by Springboard, Salesforce, and IBM Watson Campaign Automation.

SANKY/AWF Case Study

Read the full case study to learn more about this successful partnership between Sanky, Jackson River, and African Wildlife Foundation.

Laura Cole


Laura Cole

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