Episcopal Relief & Development

Summer Cultivation Campaign

Services included:

It’s one thing to simply send a donation, it’s another to see exactly how a tangible gift like a goat can help a woman across the globe feed her family. This summer, we decided to do just that by showcasing three Gifts for Life (Goat, Care for Moms & Newborns, and Disaster Relief Kit) and letting donors explore their impact on a virtual “journey.”

Through an interactive landing page, users could select a gift, see how it helped specific people worldwide, and then have the option to finalize that gift or explore another journey.

To bring users to the landing page, we also coordinated an email and social media campaign. Overall, the Summer Cultivation series was a successful way to highlight Episcopal Relief & Development’s life-changing work worldwide, and this online experience lives on, ready to be used in ongoing donor conversion campaigns.

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