Creative for nonprofits

We embrace our clients’ brand and mission. That’s how we create results-driven communications that expand your reach and, ultimately, help make our world better.

It’s simple: when it comes to marketing, copy & design have to work together. That’s why Sanky’s award-winning creative team works collaboratively, with copywriters and designers developing concepts side-by-side. You won’t see that at every agency, but at Sanky, you’ll find collaboration underpins all services:

  • Email Marketing

    From branded e-newsletters and fundraising appeals to engaging quizzes, our emails cater to your user’s goals. See what we mean.

  • Online Advertising & Social

    Social channels like Facebook and Instagram are always evolving. We stay a step ahead by testing new ad types and ensuring your content speaks to your targeted audience(s).

  • Direct Mail

    Looking to build your renewal list, grow your acquisition program and boost advocacy – all while improving donor retention and upgrading? No problem. Our seasoned direct mail writers have you covered, while our design team knows just how to direct attention to response devices.

  • Print

    Just because we’ve mastered the digital sphere doesn’t mean we’ve given up on print. Well-written and designed annual reports, newsletters, books and brochures are a great way to show your donors the power of your impact.

  • Web Components

    A branded campaign is the best way to truly engage your donors. That’s why we ensure all website components, from modals to donation forms, feature the same branded campaign elements as your email, print and direct mail.

  • Websites & Landing Pages

    If you’ve got a powerful message to share, then we suggest you make the most of it. See how we do it with full website overhauls, hyper-creative quizzes, interactive annual reports and custom-designed SEM landing pages.

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

    Sometimes, it takes a little animation to grab your donors’ attention. Our design team enlivens your communication with animation in motion graphic videos, immersive landing pages and animated gifs in emails.

  • Infographics

    Is your message chock full of information? Data can help tell your story, but only when it’s presented effectively. Our engaging infographics make information digestible.