Citymeals on Wheels

Website Redesign

Services included:

Citymeals on Wheels is a New York City institution, providing a lifeline of nourishing meals and human companionship to thousands of frail aged New Yorkers across the five boroughs.

Our audience focus was twofold. First, we knew we had to create a highly accessible site for the homebound elderly population using it to get meals. Large print and icons, bright colors, and simple calls-to-action provide easy access points, whether a user wants to find their case management agency or view the interactive map to learn where Citymeals works.

Second, we wanted to inspire visitors, be it donors, event attendees or volunteers, to see Citymeals’ compassion in action — eventually compelling them to donate through our responsive, user-friendly forms. Engaging photos and stories of meal recipients were displayed to connect users with the heart of Citymeals efforts, and key entry points were strategically placed throughout to seamlessly convert visitors to the site into caring donors.

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