Strategic Consulting

Is your relationship with your donors working for you? Even more important, is it working for them?

Sanky will help you develop a comprehensive strategy that deepens your donor relationships and serves your program’s short and long-term goals.

  • Data-driven

    Your mission, audiences, past program and performance data offer a window into your own particular challenges and opportunities. We use your specific metrics along with industry best practices and what works for our other clients to ensure success.

  • Omni-channel & Donor-centric

    In every channel, we focus on quality and stewardship through our donor-centric approach. We use every tool at our disposal to ensure affinity, loyalty and productive relationships, both short and long term, for optimum revenue.

  • Planned yet Nimble

    Given our changing global and political landscape – coupled with frequent natural disasters – we stay nimble to take advantage of opportunities as they come. Working with us, you’ll ride a line between planned campaigns and rapid response – always prepared for the unplannable.

  • f

    Ahead of the Curve

    With the ever-evolving landscape of channels and tools, our team is constantly testing new ideas. Sanky was among the first to test search engine marketing for fundraising, responsive design, behavior-driven email campaigns and remarketing efforts. At the same time, we recognize the lasting value of traditional direct mail – especially when combined with cutting-edge data modeling.

  • Investing in Growth

    We’ll help you balance a strategic investment in your program with an omnichannel, donor-oriented perspective. Whether you are looking for short-term gross revenue, a strong spike in your number of donors or an ongoing focus in your net, we will help you choose the right investment blend and develop realistic growth projections.

  • Trust & Partnership

    Ultimately, our objective is your success. We want to function as a well-resourced extension of your staff and are proud to have served most of our clients for several years. It is that long-term partnership that reaps the strongest rewards – for you, for your mission and for your donors’ investment in your work.