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Wildlife Hero Quiz

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Poaching, habitat loss, climate change … Africa’s wildlife is in serious trouble. Our client, African Wildlife Foundation, implements amazing and effective wildlife protection programs, but will they expand quickly enough to fend off extinction? And is there a hero out there who could save the day?

With the help of actor, animal advocate, and AWF super-fan, Candice Bergen, that’s just the question we put to AWF’s donors.

We launched an integrated campaign, anchored by a quiz that asked, “Which wildlife hero are you?”

Quiz-takers got a series of follow-up emails inviting them to take the next step in becoming a wildlife hero by donating to AWF–while Candice matched their gifts and doubled their wildlife-saving super-powers.

Explore the site and take the quiz yourself. You might find there’s a hero in you…

Candice Bergen’s matching gift goal of $50,000 was met so fast, that we had to change the final three emails in the series into “Candice’s Wildlife Challenge.”

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