Write a Note

Services included:

New York is home to people of all ages – including many older men and women who are physically unable to leave their homes. Citymeals-on-Wheels provides a continuous lifeline of nutritious food and human company to over 18,000 homebound elderly New Yorkers in need.

Citymeals had two goals in mind:

  1. Connecting donors and prospective donors to the frail aged neighbors Citymeals serves
  2. Helping meal recipients feel appreciated on a family- oriented holiday like Mother’s Day

What better way to accomplish these two goals than with a note-writing campaign?

The Write a Note microsite enabled viewers to send kind words and messages to Citymeals’ clients. Each note was printed by Citymeals and delivered to a homebound elderly New Yorker along with their regular meal on Mother’s Day. Donors and meal recipients alike were moved and cheered by this campaign – mission accomplished!

we didn't count how many smiles each hand-delivered note got... but we know it was a lot

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